Everybody Struggles

There is no gain without struggle.

Hello World!

It’s almost four weeks of my Outreachy Internship period and I’m having an amazing experience with my project so far. However, learning and experiencing new things invites a lot of challenges. I too struggle sometimes.

My struggle started when I had to start using Ubuntu for my project during the contribution period. I had very little knowledge of Linux commands.😅 So, making myself comfortable with Ubuntu was a new challenge for me.

My internship with Ocaml is all about improving their website. The tech stacks to build this project includes ReScript, React, Tailwind and OCaml, etc. And guess what? these all are new things to me 🤣 except React that I was familiar with before this internship was started.

So, the first two weeks went by learning and exploring these new things. But the real struggle came when I started working on my first issue. I had no idea what to do. Initially, I was hesitant to ask, since I didn’t have any particular questions, I was confused about almost everything. I began reading the documentation and exploring the codebase. Still, my efforts weren’t enough. Finally, I brought this up on a call with my mentors. They screen-shared and gave me an overall idea of the codebase and that was helpful indeed. I was able to raise my first PR.🎉

It’s ok to ask questions, never be afraid of asking for directions. Don’t be embarrassed or fake knowledge to look cool. Be brave and curious.😃

I love that my mentors gave me the freedom to work on what I like, they encourage me to ask questions whenever I got stuck in the code as every question is important. I am working on my next task and still struggling with many bugs, errors but this time I’m not afraid of asking for help from my mentors and thankfully they respond quickly.

So, here is the situation we all can relate to.😁

OpenSource Vocabulary Terms

I was introduced to many terms and concepts related to the OpenSource community when I started contributing. For instance, CI(Continuous Integration) tool, RSS feeds, and much Git-related stuff.

Let’s explore git pre-commit hooks.

Git pre-commit hooks:

Git provides hooks for events such as commit, push, receive, update, etc. The Git hook feature is built-in, no need to download or install anything. You can check these built-in hooks by running in ls .git/hooks in any git repository.

Pre-commit hook runs before typing the commit message. It’s primarily being used for linting or running tests to make sure everything is working. Pre-commit hooks are very helpful in maintaining the coding standards and productivity also as many of the suggested lint changes can be fixed automatically. It plays an essential role when multiple people are working on the same repo. The team can make sure everything goes to the repo passes the checks and balances put in place by using pre-commit hooks.

Here is the list of Git hooks: https://githooks.com/

The expert in anything was once a beginner.

So, let’s begin our journey in the OpenSource community and embrace the struggles to become an expert.😊

Thank you for reading.🤗

Hello, Outreachy!

The power of Open Source is the power of the people.The people rule.

-Philipe Kahn

Hello World!

The first week of my Outreachy internship has just started and I am really looking forward to a wonderful summer with OCaml!🎉🥳 I am woking on the project ‘Improve OCaml.org’ mentored by Patrick Ferris, Anil Madhavapeddy, Gargi Sharma and Bella.

I am Shreya Gupta from Bihar, India. I have just completed my sophomore year at Indian Institute Of technology, Patna. Here, I am pursuing Electrical and Electronics Engineering.

I am very fond of reading novels, watching political debates, and listening to music.I also like learning new language and reading culture and history of different places and countries. Currently, I am learning Spanish😊. I love chatting with my friends.😁

Core values that are important to me are Friendship, Determination and Curiosity.

Friendship is the most important core values and the one I give the highest priority.The reason is it itself comes with many important core values like love, trust, honesty, equality, peace and independence.It’s an opportunity to love, to learn about yourself, to mature as a human being, and to open up to the full experience of life. A friend is very vital for mental health.I’m blessed to have some lovely friends who always motivate and support me.😄

Determination enables us to persist in the face of difficulties.With determination, we can overcome any type of obstacle.For me being determined for something provides hope and courage not to give up until success.🙃

Curiosity is the very purpose of life. I love exploring and trying out new things. These include learning about different place’s cultures and history, learning new tech skills, etc.Being curious has made myself better and improved.✌

What motivated me for outreachy:

I came to know about contribution to Open source Software in my college.I joined some clubs of my college that motivates students to contribute to Open Source, there I got to know about Outreachy Summer Internship.

What I liked the most about Outreachy was the fact that it celebrates diversity and also it’s paid. Getting this internship would mean having a chance to meet the superheroes from all over the world who have been under-represented in their field. I was certain that this internship would provide me opportunities to connect people across the world and learn and explore tech skills required for my project.

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